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This page is primarily dedicated to the Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay game, with some secondary bits for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40K. Most of the information has been written for the first edition of WFRP, while some material was written for second edition. Third edition was so completely different in terms of mechanics from either of the first two editions, that I did not write for the FFG version of WFRP.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and all associated copyrights, trademarks and registered names are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, and are used without permission. No challenge to their status should be implied from their use.

Recent updates

16 August 2022:
Added new map of the immediate areas of the Talabeclander settlements of Hermsdorf and Lieske to the Towns Maps page.

12 March 2022:
Added new map of the Egger River Valley in Talabecland to the Regional Maps page.

14 June 2021:
Reorganized Maps page to point users to category "sub pages" where maps by type (for example, provincial maps from those for Towns and villages) can more easily be found.

8 June 2021:
Reorganized Articles page to point users to category "sub pages" where manuscripts by type (1st edition rulebook, sourcebooks and guidebooks, 1st edition articles, and 2nd edition articles)

25 May 2021:
Uploaded Hundsheimer Wald Region guidebook to Articles: Sourcebooks and Guidebooks page. Updated Projects page.


This site contains some of the material I've written for WFRP.

Maps and Gazetteers

This page contains the maps I've drawn for the various lands of WFRP and their respective gazetteers.

Adventure Scenarios

This page contains a list of the scenarios I have written, some of which can be downloaded from this site.

Warhammer Battle

While established for Warhammer Battle, there may be some bits of background information which could be used in WFRP.

Warhammer 40K

Yes, I know this isn't WFRP, but I didn't want to create another website. So, if you are interested, this page contains the only thing I did for 40K.


This page contains the old articles I've wrote and the old maps I've drawn for the various lands of WFRP. Changes to the Warhammer world, generally initiated by GW and some by myself, has prompted me to create this page.

WFRP Projects

If you really are at a loss for something constructive to do, you can go to this section to read the updates to my various WFRP Projects. Unfortunately, there's not much to tell since I don't plan on getting ahead of those for whom I'm working on these projects.


This is a list of favorite links for primarily WFRP. There are also a few other Warhammer related sites I recommend.

My Bio

If you are utterly bored and have nothing better to do, this links you to my "WFRP" bio.

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