WFRP Articles

In many of my works, I have developed additional background, mostly for the first edition WFRP. Those who have read the below linked sourcebooks and the scenarios (linked on another page) I have written will have probably noted the various sidebars. In order to make these additions more readily available for use by other GMs, I have extracted the various pieces and organized them in the manner of the first edition rulebook for ease of use (I hope).

I should also give credit where it is due to the people who have inspired, assisted, collaborated and guide me in my effort to expand the WFRP world, especially 1st edition. Special thanks to Graeme Davis, Anthony Ragan, Ken Rolston, James Wallis, John Foody, Tim Eccles, Annette Nuñez, Martin Oliver, Arne Dam, Natascha Chrobok, Mel Tudno-Jones, Clive Oldfield, Rich Pingree, Rich Murkin, Richard Iorio, Steven Hudson, Jude Hornburg, Roderic d'Arcon, Morten Krog, Oliver Rosenkranz, Thomas Østerlie, Tuomas Pirinen, Sebastien Boudaud, Benoît Dumeaux, Emmanuel Chaineux, Clint Lee Werner, and Rob Harper.(I hope I did not miss anyone).

Many of early articles for WFRP1e are in the .rtf format. Those for WFRP2e -- and the more recent ones for WFRP1e -- have been left in the .doc format or converted to .pdf. Eventually, these will all be converted to .pdf

Obligatory copyright statement. I am posting the following material that I have written for use only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material, including locations and characters, while system-specific material is copyrighted by GW. Material written with others, which implies a shared copyright, will be duly noted.

Other note. Most of the stuff I wrote for the first edition of WFRP can also be use in the 2nd edition, though some tweaking might be required. GMs are encouraged to make whatever changes they deem necessary or desirable for their game.

1st edition WFRP rulebook

As my group has pretty much continued playing 1st edition WFRP since 1988, I have periodically worked on expanding or rewriting some elements of the rulebook (sometimes with other people). I also decided that it would be helpful to include references to other official first edition WFRP products within the framework of the rulebook. Anyone interested can find all of this effort by going to the First edition WFRP rulebook page.

Sourcebooks and Guidebooks

Sourcebooks and guidebooks are efforts to add more in-depth backgrounds to areas of the Empire that so far have escaped the attention of the various official WFRP material (except for a long ago effort on Altdorf, which has already been rendered obsolete by a Cublicle 7 product for 4th edition). The refernce materials are generic, so they can be used for any WFRP edition. They can be found at the Sourcebooks and Guidebooks page.

1st Edition WFRP Articles:

A lot of my early efforts on first edition WFRP were short pieces meant to add more background to the game. Much of the material found its way to the then fanzine Warpstone as well as other small fan-based publications. THese articles can be found at the WFRP first edition articles page.

2nd Edition WFRP Articles

When 2nd edition WFRP came out, I felt that some of the rich background created for 1st edition was missing. The articles found at the WFRP second edition articles page were my attempt to rectify what I thought should have been included in that edition.