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WFRP first edition articles

Obligatory copyright statement. I am posting the following material that I have written for use only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material, including locations and characters, while system-specific material is copyrighted by GW. Material written with others, which implies a shared copyright, will be duly noted.

Additional WFRP 1e Background:

Behind the Scenes
This is the second piece that had published (Warpstone issue 11). The original, shorter article can be found in the WFRP Archives. This version was expanded in response to suggestions from Warpstone and before the deadly red pen of the editor did its dirty work. It includes two new career descriptions.

This article appeared in Warpstone #19 and details the humans who live in the Dwarfen Realms.

Electors and Provincial Rulers
This article appeared in the TimCon 3 booklet and briefly outlines the Electoral changes -- as well as the change in Provincial rulers -- from the original WFRP to the new version. The details underlining most of these changes will be described in the "Empire at War" scenario that I am currently writing as the finale of the Enemy Within campaign.

Engineer Guilds
This article appeared in Warpstone #20. It provides details and background on the (Expatriate) Dwarf amd Imperial Engineers' Guilds.

In Defence of Divine Magic
This article was intended for Origin of Tree Worship, but circumstances were such that it did not make it into print. This article provides some informaion that tries to set Divine Magic apart from Sorcery.

Laurelorn Elves
This article was to appear at Strike to Stun, but something happened along the way. It is based on some of the work Martin Oliver did for the Elf sourcebook he writing for Hogshead. Unfortunately, the WFRP license was handed back to GW before this reached publication. Tim Eccles and I wrote some additional text to complete this document.

Imperial Nobility
Co-written with Arne Dam this article provides extensive background on Imperial nobility and the von Bildhofen family. It complements the "Nobility and Royalty" chapter in Hogshead's "Apocrypha Now," pages 15-20. It also contains some tips on role-playing a Noble character by Roderic d'Arcon and myself.

Old Faith
This article provides some background and additional detail about the Old Faith. This appeared in Origin of Tree Worship #7.

This article first appeared in Tim Eccles' Origin of Tree Worship #4, which can be order from the by clicking this link to Shadow Warriors and then clicking on Warhammer.

Talabheim, foundation of Duchy
This is the most current version of this historical piece by Arne Dam (with contributions by Anthony Ragan and myself) and replaces the version that appeared in Warpstone #16. The article details the founding of the Duchy of Talabheim. Permission to include this piece has been granted.

Other First Edition Bits and Pieces

Marienburg Locations

The following four descriptions were originally written as a result of the old White Dwarf articles. They were revised when the new Marienburg book came out and appeared in a single article in Warpstone issue 14. John Foody and Anthony Ragan contributed some material to the following.

Knights of Purity
Marienburg Gentlemen's Club
Secretariat of Trade Equity
Suiddock Watch Barracks

Dwarf NPC:

The Dwarf with No Name
This was one of the Dwarf NPCs that I submitted for the Dwarf book. It is based on an old Citadel model. For whatever reason, this Bounty Hunter did not make the final cut.

Cult Descriptions

The following descriptions use the rules as detailed in the WFRP tome. I have yet to convert these to the format I used for the other cults listed in the First edition WFRP rulebook page.

Cult of Ormazd
Description of the cult of Ormazd, the sole Arabian god. Planned to be revised to the declining cult of Oermath, sun god of the Old World.

Cult of Rhya
Description of the cult of Rhya, Goddess of Family and Fertility.

Cult Descriptions, Rolston version

The following are the cult descriptions I wrote using the information contained in the RoDM draft that Ken Rolston wrote. These are among my first efforts to create publishable materials, a few of them I later modified ever so slightly. The Ulric cult description was written with some input from Anthony Ragan.

Cult of Esmeralda
Cult of Grungni
Cult of Liadriel
Cult of Manann
Cult of Morr
Cult of Myrmidia
Cult of Ormazd
Cult of Ranald
Cult of Rhya
Cult of Solkan
Cult of Taal
Cult of Ulric


Cult Careers
These are cult-related careers I originally developed for Ken Rolston's version of RoDM. I later compiled them into this summary format for easier use.

Cult Spells
These are cult spells I originally developed for Ken Rolston's version of RoDM. I later altered them into the spell format of the WFRP sourcebook.