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WFRP second edition articles

This section contains the WFRP 2nd edition articles I wrote at the time when I thought Green Ronin/Black Industries were missing an opportunity to include some good stuff from 1st edition. The "Lost in Translation" series of the first four articles summed up my viewpoint.

Obligatory copyright statement. I am posting the following material that I have written for use only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material, including locations and characters, while system-specific material is copyrighted by GW. Material written with others, which implies a shared copyright, will be duly noted.


Druids and Old Faith
Written by Anthony Ragan and myself, the goal of this article is to re-introduce the WFRP1e Old Faith into 2e, though with a background more compatible with the Black Industries version.

Dwarf Religion
I wrote this article with the goal of re-introducing the Dwarf Religions from my "Dwarfs: Stone and Steel" for WFRP1e. This article has been updated for WFRP 2e, with new clerical spells and re-introduced runes.


The Return of Elementalism
This article re-introduces Elementalism into 2e, though the background has been re-worked to be more compatible with the Black Industries version. There are over 70 spells described in this article.

Where Has All the Magic Gone?
This article expands Wizardry in 2e to include non-Colour magics inspired by Battle and Illusion Magic of the 1st edition. Moreover, the article also covers 1st edition Alchemy. As with the Elementalism article above, the background has been re-worked to fit with the Black Industries version. The article includes 20 new petty, over 100 wizard/illusionist, and 10 alchemy spells. Many of the petty spells can be use to expand the list in the WFRP2e corebook and there is information to expand the Lesser Magic spells.


Chaos Dwarfs
This article is the .pdf version of what appeared in Warpstone 28 with a few extra bits, such as a mutations table. Other than a map, there is no other artwork in this sourcebook. At some point, I will properly reformat a 1st edition version of this article.