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Sourcebooks and Guidebooks

This section contains several reference books I have developed over the years. Sourcebooks are similar to the Middenheim and Marienburg that were published in first edition, including local history, law and order, and adventure hooks.

My concept of guidebook is to provide a GM with a setting over a smaller regional area, perhaps a large county or a number of landholdings where villages and towns are described in some detail along with persons of note with whom PCs could interact. As such, guidebooks do not contain adventure hooks or separate background sections covering topics such as history, law and order, or economics. These manuscripts also do not describe Chaos cults since the use and frequency of such groups is an individual GM decision.

Obligatory copyright statement. I am posting the following material that I have written for use only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material, including locations and characters, while system-specific material is copyrighted by GW. Material written with others, which implies a shared copyright, will be duly noted.


Karak Hirn sourcebook
This sourcebook covers the kingdom and Dwarfhold of Karak Hirn. It is written in a manner that can be used for any edition of WFRP (except, maybe, the stats for a couple of Dwarf cannons). This effort includes a lot of background information, maps of the kingdom and Dwarfhold, descriptions of selected locations, and several scenario hooks.

Pfeildorf sourcebook
This is a revision of the first of my sourcebook projects, written in a manner that can be used in any edition of WFRP. This sourcebook contains a lot of background information, maps of the town and its districts, descriptions of selected locations, and a couple of scenario hooks.

Streissen and West Aver sourcebook
Written with a large contribution from Rob Harper, this WFRP regional sourcebook is non-edition specific so as to enhance its usefullness. It contains a lot of background information of Streissen and the surrounding West Aver regions; maps of the town, barony, and region; descriptions of a good number of locations, both in town and countryside; a couple of scenario hooks; and extensive information about the University of Streissen.

Wissenland sourcebook
This sourcebook covers the Imperial province of Wissenland (including the formerly independent provnce of Sudenland). Though based on the map of the Empire from first edition, this sourcebook can be used for any version of WFRP. The manuscript contains background information, descriptions of the provinical regions, the settlements contained within and geographic features such as forests, hills, and other areas of interest. For completeness sake, the work also contains information of the settlements in other provinces (Averland and Reikland) which lie across the river boundaries of Wissenland. Moreover, the sourcebook contains a provincial map of Wissenland as well as more detailed area maps of the province.


Essentially, this effort is more like a guidebook and came at a time where there was no real detailed description of Altdorf (this was well before 2nd edition Spires of Altdorf). This guidebook first appeared in Strike to Stun #6 and is the key to the Altdorf map in in the document. The Altdorf book contains some background information and was co-written with Arne Dam and Roderic d'Arcon. The revised map I drew for this manuscript was later co-opted by Green Ronin for use in their Spires of Altdorf sourcebook/scenario.

Hundsheimer Wald Region guidebook
This guidebook was largely developed for my 2019-2021 WFRP campaign and included the description of locations that my group just never got around to visiting. The area around Hundsheimer Wald is rural, bordering on wilderness, with many small villages and towns. The guidebook contains some elements from other fan-based work and is duly credited. A special thanks to Alfred@Welcome to Sunny Bögenhafen who finds and posts the wonderful pictures I have used in this guidebook. The guidebook contains a number of town and other maps.