WFRP Projects

Update: 28 March 2019

Projects in the Pipeline

"Journey into Darkness"

This project has been put off as a result of my having to run an unscheduled WFRP mini-campaign, which is being developed on the fly. Once I get done with my myriad of other commitments, it will be time for me to begin developing scenarios. The first of the ones I'm considering will take place after the events in the Gathering Darkness campaign (2515 I.C.) and will be written for characters in their 2nd or 3rd career so those that survived Gathering Darkness can continue forward.

Chaos Dwarfs sourcebook

Though this did appear in Warpstone as a 2nd edition article, I'm revising and recompiling the effort for 1st edition. As with Conspiracy, I will have to find or create new artwork for this manuscript.

Streissen: Hotbed of Revolution sourcebook

Yes, well, in writing my new scenario, I decided to have the plot go through Streissen to points unknown. Gives me yet another excuse to get bogged down in yet another sourcebook. The one will be a regional sourcebook that will describe the Aver town of Streissen as well as the area of Averland and Stirland that make up the West Aver river valley. I'm using the German town of Andernach (the part within the old town walls) as the template for Streissen. Similar to the Wissenland sourcebook, this effort will be written so that any version of WFRP could use the material contained within. It's getting closer to completion, but still has some ways to go. This book is intended for use in any Imperial year from 2515 to 2522.

Hundsheimer Wald guidebook

Remember above when I mentioned that I am now running a (1st edition) WFRP campaign by the seat of my pants? Well, one thing that will come out of the effort will be a guidebook for the Hundsheimer Wald region of north-east Stirland. By name, it will be mostly descriptions of the towns, villages, and roadside/riverside inns in the region. I will cover the border towns and villages of Talabecland and Ostermark as well as those of Stirland. The descriptions are for 24 Jahrdrung 2513.

Completed Projects

"Empire at War" (EaW)

This scenario is intended to be the new final installment to the 1st edition Enemy Within Campaign. It is available on the WFRP Scenarios page in the .pdf format. The scenario exceeded 220 pages.
The scenario was built from scratch, using the various plot threads from the Enemy Within series up to Something Rotten in Kislev. My intent was to provide a more appropriate ending to this well-regarded campaign that ties the first edition WFRP to the Warhammer of the second edition. The scenario used first edition mechanics and was developed with the help of a small group of friends.

"Pretty Things"

Originally titled "Roadkill", this introductory scenario appears in the WFRP GM Pack for 2nd edition.

"In Search of the Old Faith"

The first in the "Lost in Translation" series, "In Search of the Old Faith" unofficially brings the Old Faith to WFRP2e. The entire series can be found in the .pdf in the Articles section. It has been revised in light of the RoS2e release.

"The Return of Elementalism"

The second in the "Lost in Translation" series, "The Return of Elementalism" unofficially introduces Elementalism to WFRP2e with 70 spells.

"Where Has All the Magic Gone?"

The third in the "Lost in Translation" series, "Where Has All the Magic Gone?" unofficially sorcery in WFRP2e to include Wizardry (formerly Battle Magic), Illusionism, and Alchemy from WFRP 1e. The article includes 20 new petty, over 100 wizard/illusionist, and 10 alchemy spells. Many of the petty spells can be use to expand the list in the WFRP2e corebook and there is information to expand the Lesser Magic spells.

"Going Underground: Servants of the Ancestors"

The fourth in the "Lost in Translation" series, "Going Underground: Servants of the Ancestors," unofficially details the religion of the Dwarfs as covered in the WFRP1 sourcebook "Dwarfs: Stone and Steel." This article contains many new spells and describes some runes from firdt edition for second.

Pfeildorf: Freistadt of Sudenland sourcebook

The Pfeildorf sourcebook provides background to the former provincial capital of Solland and Sudenland, maps of the town and its districts, descriptions of certain locations, and a couple of scenario hooks. This sourcebook can be used for any version of WFRP. The article is located in the Articles section.

Karak Hirn: Heart of the Hornberg sourcebook

The Karak Hirn sourcebook provides background to the kingdom and Dwarfhold of Karak Hirn and includes maps, descriptions of certain locations, and three scenario hooks. This sourcebook can be used for any version of WFRP. A .pdf version is found in the Articles section.

The Gathering Darkness campaign

"The Rising Shadow" is the first installment of this campaign. In addition to a short introductory scenario, "The Rising Shadow" includes background information on the province of Sudenland, new cult descriptions, a compilation of herbs found in the Empire, maps, and a number of pre-generated PCs. As with other parts of the campaign, this scenario is posted in the Scenarios page.

"Dark Despair" is the second part of the campaign and also starts in the Lectorial Enclave of Eppiswald. Having survived the old forest, the PCs must journey to Pfeildorf to report what they found. "Dark Despair" also contains background information on monasteries and the settlements along the River Soll from Eppiswald to Pfeildorf.

"Grim Pursuits" is the third part of the campaign in which the PCs flee Pfeildorf and eventually head to the Dwarfhold of Karak Hirn. As with the first two parts of the campaign, "Grim Puruits" has background information: more Sudenland village descriptions, cult descriptions (Ecate, Khaine, and Solkan), and maps.

"Conquering Darkness" is the conclusion of the campaign in which the PCs leave the relative safety of the kingdom of Karak Hirn and make their way to Ubersreik and the final confrontation. "Conquering Darkness" continues the trend of the other parts of the campaign by providing background information about the settlements and land features for most of Alt Wissenland (the province to the west of the River Soll up to the border with the Reikland. There is also infomation about Hexensnacht and Geheimnisnacht, as well as Morrslieb.

Wissenland: Under Nuln's Thumb sourcebook

The Wissenland sourcebook is a rather massive project (220+ pages with maps) which compiles all the information that appeared the various "Gathering Darkness" scenarios as well as add some new material in order to cover the entire Wissenland province. For completeness sake, I described the towns and villages that border the Wissenland province just in case GMs running scenarios in the area need a quick reference in case their players decide to journey across the river for a peek.


"Conspiracy" originally appeared over three issues of Warpstone.. The scenario has been recompiled into a single document and converted to a .pdf. The new "Conspiracy!" re-incorporates the parts that were left out of the Warpstone versions (for space considerations) and includes more handouts, all of which are in the styles that we used for the Gathering Darkness campaign.

Chaos Dwarfs: From the Darkness

A revised and much delayed article covering Chaos Dwarfs for 2e appeared in Warpstone issue 28. This article includes a revised map of the Dark Lands and western Steppes.

The Collapsing Empire

This article is the first and only article of the "From out of the Past" series (not much of a series, is it?). The piece tells the tale of The Drak Wald Emperors and the Fall of the Empire (10th to mid 12th century). Written with Anthony Ragan, the article appeared in Warpstone issue 29.

All the above projects (other than "Pretty Things") are unofficial and not affiliated with Cubicle Seven, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, or (the now defunct) Black Industries.