WFRP Projects

Updated: 18 May 2020

Projects in the Pipeline

Hundsheimer Wald guidebook

This project sprung from the material I am developing for my largely improvised current WFRP campaign. The Hundsheimer Wald is a large, untamed forest in the north-east Stirland area. This Guidebook consists mostly of the descriptions of the towns, villages, and roadside/riverside inns in the region, whether these be in Stirland, Talabecland or Ostermark. The information contained therein is based on the respective state as of Spring 2513.

County of Schriach guidebook

This project will be an expansion of what will appear in the Hundsheimer Wald guidebook for the Talabeclander County of Schirach. I am "compelled" to write this guidebook covering the towns, villages, etc. of the County as my WFRP campaign had sent the PCs to investigate the northeastern part of the County. The information contained therein will be based on the respective state as of Spring 2513.

WFRP 1st edition rulebook

This "project" is nothing more than me simply adding material -- such as new cult descriptions, spells, or background material -- for 1st edition WFRP. I'm basically shifting focus from large projects such as sourcebooks to smaller enhancements.

The above projects are unofficial and not affiliated with Cubicle Seven, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, (the now defunct) Black Industries or Games Workshop.