WFRP Scenarios

Over the years, I have written an number of scenarios, usually for convention play. All of these are written for the pre-Storms of Chaos Empire. The second edition WFRP is set in the period after that catastrophic event and the thrid edition just before. Though written with WFRP version 1 mechanics, the scenarios that I do provide links to below can easily be converted by a willing GM to second edition. I'm not so sure about third.

Scenarios are either in the Word (.doc) or .pdf format.

Obligatory copyright statement. I am posting the following material that I have written for use only in a GM's home campaign. I reserve all rights to the descriptive material, including locations and characters, while system-specific material is copyrighted by GW. Material written with others, which implies a shared copyright, will be duly noted.

First Edition WFRP Adventure Scenarios:


This was my first WFRP scenario and was revised for GenCon US 1997. It's available at the Warpstone site for Hogshead Goodies.

"A Change of Faith"

Written for GenCon US 1998 with Richard Iorio II and available at the Warpstone site for Hogshead Goodies.

"Curse of the Clan Heirloom"
Written for GenCon US 2000 and Dragonmeet 2000 with Tim Eccles.

"The Witch-Hunter Cometh"
Written for GenCon US 2001 and Dragonmeet 2001 with Tim Eccles. This is one of our favorite scenarios.

"Return to Grovod Forest"
This scenario was written for GenCon US 2002 and also made an appearance at Dragonmeet 2002

"Playing with Fire"
This scenario was written for GenCon US 2003 and also made an appearance at TimCon 1. In addition, the scenario appeared in Tree Worship #6.

"Treasure Hunt" This adventure was written for inclusion in Dwarfs: Stone & Steel, but last minute changes resulted in this scenario, along with the section on Chaos Dwarfs, being dropped.

"Field Trip"
This scenario was written for GenCon US 2004 and also made an appearance at GenCon UK 2004.

"Conspiracy" This scenario was originally written following the "Dwarfs: Stone and Steel" sourcebook and was originally proposed to Hogshead as a follow-up to the "Marienburg: Sold Down the River" sourcebook. After it was turned down, I submitted to Warpstone and the scenario went through a series of re-writes and editing. Once completed, "Conspiracy" was published across three issues of Warpstone (23-24, 26) with a few bits removed for space consideration. I have put it all back together into a single .pdf document. The scenario includes more handouts, all of which are in the styles that we used for the Gathering Darkness campaign.

"Empire at War" A special thanks to Glen Sharman who pulled the initial ten files of "Empire at War" which had been posted at Strike to Stun and put these into a single .pdf file. His effort saved me a lot of time and effort for which I am very grateful. This project is intended to replace the "Empire in Flames" scenario published by Flame Publications and provide a tie to the 2nd and 3rd edition WFRP world. Some of the information might not quite sync up as I had to make several assumptions at the time of the writing.
With the permission of the respective GMs, I have posted their summaries of the playtest sessions. If you're an interested GM, you can read the playtest sessions and comments.

"Gathering Darkness" campaign

This project has been completed. It is a four-part campaign which starts in the Sudenland in the year 2515 and includes locations across Sudenland as well as in the Black Mountains, Wissenland and southern Reikland.
With the permission of Rich Pingree-GM, I have posted his summaries of the playtest sessions. If you're an interested GM, you can read the playtest sessions

"The Rising Shadow"
The first part of the Gathering Darkness campaign. It starts in a small Sudenland town of Eppiswald on the River Soll. A stranger from Pfeildorf -- working for the cult of Verena -- hires the PCs to do a small job of finding information about a missing scholar. The one hitch is that they have to go into the nearby haunted forest...

"Dark Despair"
The second part of the Gathering Darkness campaign. Having survived the creature in the Old Forest of Eppiswald, the PCs must make their way to Pfeildorf to report on their findings. Unfortunately, the road to that town is fraught with dangers...

"Grim Pursuits"
The third part of the Gathering Darkness campaign. On the run from unknown forces that tried to kill them in Pfeildorf, the PCs have been secreted from the Sudenland capital among a gypsy band of entertainers. The goal of the PCs is to reach the Dwarfhold of Karak Hirn in the hopes of learning more of the people who wish them dead.
GMs who wish to use the Verena License of PC Wizards that appear in the scenario for other adventures, please click here

"Conquering Darkness"
The fourth and concluding part of the Gathering Darkness campaign. Uncovering the secrets of the old monastery, the PCs return to the Empire with the goal of stopping the heretical Order of the Sacred Hammer before it can release its plan of destruction. The PCs must travel the length of Wissenland through the southern region of Reikland and Ubersreik to the final climax at Faith's Cauldron.
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