WFRP Maps and Gazetteers

10 June 2021: It was my view that the number of entries in the Maps and Gazetteers page rendered it too unwieldy for users. As I had done recently for the Articles page, I decided to use this page with links to direct users to further pages which would be based on more narrowly defined categories. I hope this helps.


The Empire and Imperial Provinces

Based on the maps in the first edition WFRP rulebook, the larger area maps of the Empire and its provinces can be found on theThe Empire and Imperial Provinces page.

Regional Maps of The Empire

This is a rather broad range of maps. Some of these are portions of a province with more detail than the provicial maps. Others could be a small, local region of the Empire. There are also some that cover a County/Barony as well as those that cover the immediate vicinity of a town. All of these can be found on the Regional Maps page.

Towns and Villages of The Empire

Maps of towns and villages are always great fun for GMs and players as these provide visual aids for game play. These maps can be found on the Towns and Villages page.

Dwarf Kingdoms

Given this is my website, it is only natural that I have maps involving the Dwarf kingdoms. These can be found on the Dwarf Kingdoms page.

Lands outside The Empire

Some of my earlier maps include foreign lands outside the Empire. Many of these were drawn before 4th edition WFB and a few were updated during WFB 5th edition. A few of the WFB maps were modified to fit better with 1st edition WFRP (e.g., Something Rotten in Kislev). These maps can be found on the Foreign Lands page.

WFRP Gazetteers

Gazetteers remain an important aspect of 1st edtion WFRP as it gives a rather quick overview of sities, towns, and villages of the Empire. Gazetteers are also good for doing the same to lands that have not really been covered in the various WFRP editions. These gazetteers are found at the Gazetteers page.