WFRP Maps and Gazetteers

Foreign Lands

These maps are among the oldest I have done and none have been updated since the days of 5th edition WFB.

Lands outside The Empire

I included a number of other settlements as I though Araby should be far more populated than WFB4/5 seemed to imply. This also provides more role-playing opportunity.
Araby (geopolitical)

Border Princes
This map was redrawn for Strike-to-Stun #4. There are quite a few changes from the previous two versions.

This is to the same scale as the old map and I have re-named certain locations to match WFB5 Bretonnia. I've also included a number of other settlements from "The Voyage South," a short story that appeared in the anthology "Red Thirst."

Dark Lands
This map was drawn to show the Dark Lands on the eastern side of the Worlds Edge Mountains. While I need to clean up the map to make it more useful, the map has adjusted the Mountains of Mourn southward a bit so I could create enough space for the Wheatland Colonies and Steppes depicted in "Something Rotten in Kislev."

This map was redrawn for Strike-to-Stun #4. There are some changes from the original map I drew.

This last version of the Kislev map is based on the larger map from the 1st edition WFRP rulebook rather than "Something Rotten in Kislev". In addition, the map includes the locations from that GW WFB6 campaign as well as many of those detailed in Tim Eccles' "A Private War" campaign. his "Crossing the Lynsk" article for Warpstone and Ryan Wileman's "Sea of Claws" article. This version replaces the map that appears at Strike-to-Stun #5.

New World
I prefer a New World more consistent with the limited 1st edition WFRP rulebook description than the wasteland envisioned by WFB4's Dark Elf army book.

This version of Norsca is not much different than the one I altered to add elements from GW's "Hordes of Chaos" and submitted for inclusion for the 1st edition "Dwarfs: Stone & Steel" sourcebook (which didn't make it for some reason). This map is a cleaned up version which includes place names and towns that appeared in Ryan Wileman's "Sea of Claws" article for Warpstone.

This map was redrawn for Strike-to-Stun #4 and incorporates a number of locations from GW's "Dogs of War" supplement for WFB5.

I drew the original of this map for Anthony Ragan to use in the 1st edition "Marienburg: Sold down the River" sourcebook, which served as the basis for the map that did appear. This new version of Wasteland is pretty much the same as the original with additional settlements.

Wheatland Colonies
Another map I need to clean up, the Wheatland Colonies map was drawn to incorporate the settlements and landscape Tim Eccles added for his "The Wheatland Colonies: A Brdige Too Farside" scenario.