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The population figures in the cities and large towns have been increased over what had been appearing in the 1st edition WFRP gazetteers. The reason for this is to give a more "realistic" view of the population than that defined in Middenheim: City of Chaos, page 9. This source based its population on the "heads of tax-paying households", which could mean anything. I took the term to mean the number of people who live in tax-paying households. One could safely assume that the population figures do not take into account transients as well as those exempt from direct taxation. The latter includes - but are not limited to - nobility, their households, and certain members of the clergy (e.g., high level Sigmarite priests in specific provinces). Thus, the "true" size of the population is whatever the GM chooses.

The lists of settlements in the various gazetteers are not meant to be an exhaustive list. For those that encompass a "country", I tried to limit the settlements to small towns (pop 350+) with few exceptions. I went further with the provincial maps of the Empire and included many villages and other small settlements. These gazetteers are as complete as the individual GM decides them to be. In addition, there are some small variations in the gazetteers on my site compared to those printed in "Sigmar's Heirs". I point out these differences in the description accompanying the individual links.

The gazetteers of the Imperial provinces and Wasteland are know in a .pdf format to render these available to anyone who does not have Microsoft Word. I have also reset these to 2515 I.C., which means these are immediately post-TEW rather than being seven years in the future. I used the epilogue from Empire at War to reflect the changes to the provincial rulers as GW's later publications had both Emperor Karl-Franz and Graf Boris Todbringer survive TEW and live to the now retcon Storms of Chaos (though Marlene von Alptraum did not perish as the EaW scenario had her do from a mysterious illness).

The Empire

This version includes updates from the Wissenland sourcebook as well as entries that Rob Harper developed in conjunction for an Averland adventure he's running.


In developing this gazetteer from that which I provided Anthony Ragan for "Sigmar's Heirs," I realized that the towns that I had placed near Grimminhagen in that document I had placed elsewhere on my map. To resolve the dilemma, I re-worked the Middenland gazetteer to be consistent with my map and changed the names of the vilages around Grimminhugel (formerly Grimminhagen).

The Moot

This gazetteer includes a number of places that have been mentioned in the scenarios written by Tim Eccles.

This gazetteer also includes a number of places that have been mentioned in the scenarios written by Tim Eccles.

Revised 25 June 2020. Added entry for village of Tauer outside of Bissendorf.

Yet another gazetteer that includes a number of places mentioned in the Tim Eccles' scenarios.


Revised 25 February 2019.

Revised 25 June 2012. All the information in this gazetteer also appears in the Wissenland one. I've only put it here to make it easier for GM's that prefer a separate province for Sudenland.

In 2515, von Carstein had not yet revealed that he survived his death centuries before, so I removed him from being mentioned as a ruler of any part of Sylvania. Personally, I'd rather he remained dead.

I thought changing the Grand Duchess' name from Krieglitz-Untermensch to Krieglitz-Untern was disrespectful to WFRP tradition (despite the bad joke), so this expanded version of what I provided to Anthony Ragan for "Sigmar's Heirs" has the Grand Duchess of Talabheim's correct family name.

Revised 4 May 2020 to include recent expansion of settlements and mine operations near Krugenheim as shown in map of the County of Schirach.

Revised 25 June 2020. Changed the names of a couple villages and mines around Krugenheim as well as added a new one.

Revised 25 June 2012. In this gazetteer, I have corrected the spelling of the Elector Countess Emmanuelle's family name. It was incorrect in the gazetteer I provided Anthony Ragan and the GR editors didn't quite get it right. In addition, I decided to stick with the first name of Etelka for the Baroness Toppenheimer from 1st edition WFRP. The name of "Molly" given by the GR editors just didn't do it for me.

Other Lands

Border Princes
This was revised for Strike to Stun #4

This was revised for Strike to Stun #4

Karak Hirn
This revised gazetteer was developed for the Dwarf Kingdom of Karak Hirn and included in the Karak Hirn sourcebook.

This was developed for Strike to Stun #5, but did not appear for some inexplicable reason.

This was revised for Strike to Stun #4

Correcting an oversight wherein I included a map of the Wasteland on this page and did not include a gazetteer. A shout-out and thanks to Nick Linarelli for catching this miss.