WFRP Maps and Gazetteers

Dwarf Kingdoms

Equally important to Imperial maps are the maps of the surrounding Dwarf realms. One never quite know when the PCs may be sent on a quest into the mountains.

Dwarf Realms

In 1st edition WFRP, Karaz Ankor (the Dwarf Empire) only encompassed the Dwarf realms in the Worlds Edge Mountains while those Dwarfholds located in the other ranges (Black Mountains, Grey Mountains, and Vaults) were independent realms. Somewhere along the way, all Dwarf realms in the mountains became considered as part of Karaz Ankor. 3rd edition introduced Karak Azgaraz, a Dwarfhold located adjacent to Reikland where no GW Dwarfhold previously existed. I suspect that 3rd edition also shifted Karak Zilfin from its previous location in the southern Grey Mountains to the north of Karak Azgaraz.

Dwarf Realms
This map was drawn to show the Dwarf lands outside the Worlds Edge Mountains. It was the basis for the map that appeared in the 1st edition "Dwarfs: Stone & Steel" sourcebook.

Karaz Ankor
This map of the Imperial Dwarf lands of the Worlds Edge Mountains was the basis of the version that appeared in the 1st edition "Dwarfs: Stone & Steel" sourcebook.


Dwarf Kingdom of Karak Hirn

The following maps were all included in the Karak Hirn sourcebook found at the Sourcebooks and Guidebooks page.

Merchants Hall of Karak Hirn
This map covers the portion of the Dwarfhold where non-Dwarf traders come to trade with the residents of Karak Hirn and non-Dwarf residents live.

Interior of Karak Hirn
This map only encompasses the interior of the Dwarfhold. It was drawn before I became aware of the formalized Dwarfhold layout described in GW's "Grudgelore" (published 2008).

Exterior of Karak Hirn
This map covers the exterior of the Dwarfhold of Karak Hirn and the immediate surrounding area.

Karak Hirn kingdom
This map was derived from the revised Road to Karak Hirn map as I shifted it to the east and south to encompass the rest of the Dwarf kingdom and appears in the Karak Hirn sourcebook. The map includes the roads leading to that Dwarfhold. As there are many new settlements on this map, I have added entries to the Karak Hirn gazetteer (found at Gazetteers page).