These are key WFRP sites for fans of the game:

Cubicle Seven WFRP
The UK-based gaming company behind the resurrection of WFRP, now in its fourth edition. This site provides all the on-going news with the new edition. Definitely a place to go for those looking to see upcoming products and information about current ones.

Warpstone Fanzine
The fanzine dedicated to WFRP. It has outlived many "professional" gaming magazines and its success can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of its staff. An essential source of information for the serious WFRPer. Warpstone came to an official end with issue 30 in Winter 2014/2015

Strike to Stun Forum
Once an electronic fanzine, now a forum dedicated to all things Warhammer. This project is led by the Server Goddess and is visited by many of the fans of all three versions of WFRP.

This was a 1st edition WFRP project that had lots of people involved at one point or another. The project was led by the Bergsburg Council, which was lastly composed of Arne Dam, Clive Oldfield, Luke Twigger, and Simon Beckford. Not much has been added since 2008.

Liber Fanatica
This is project has come about from the play-testing of WFRP, 2nd edition. It contains many bridging tools from one version to the next as well as many other articles of interest. Soon to be home for the Wurtbad project.

I recommend the following sites by individuals who are doing their part to enhance WFRP:

The Merry Goblin's Warhammer Page
Ian Ward's excellent site of Warhammer FRP material and oher Warhammer bits. The site includes the Goblinoid Project and is must for Warhammer fans.

Winds of Chaos
This site contains a lot of stuff for WFRP 2nd edition, including finely drawn maps (a number of which are based on my version of these same maps). This is a highly recommended site.

David Graffam's site
Another excellent place to go to pick up odds and ends for WFRP2e.

Oliver Rosenkranz's site
This is a fairly new site for a long-time listee on the WFRP list and the man who holds the keys to the Adventure Collection.

Kalevala Hammer
Jackdays from the BI forum has decided to take on bringing the elements from first edition and unofficial Norsca project into second edition. This site contains the fruit of his efforts as well as other aspects for WFRP2e.

Paths to Chaos campaign
This is Pedro Lunaris' site where he chronicles his players' adventures in WFRP2e's "Paths of the Damned" campaign. The site includes house rules, NPC and PC descriptions, and other background details for both 2nd and 3rd editions.

Enemy Within campaign
This is TK's site where he chronicles his Seattle-based players' adventures in the "Enemy Within" campaign. The site includes house rules, NPC and PC descriptions, and other background details.

Blogging A to Z for WFRP 2e
This is Timothy Stone's site where he takes a grand tour of the 2nd edition of WFRP

I recommend the following "WFRP International" sites by these fine individuals:


Le Grimoire site
The premier French fanzine that has supported WFRP since "the Dark Years" (between GW dropping support for the game and Hogshead's obtaining the license). Lots of stuff here, including an unofficial sourcebook for Sartosa and the Moot.

Le Site de l'Elfe Noir- Warhammer JdR site
This site covers a wide spectrum of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and provides French-speaking fans of the game with a lot of material.

Errare Demonicum Est site
This site covers Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay as well as Call of Cthulhu.


La Locanda delle due Lune Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay site
This Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay site caters to the Italian fans of the game.


Warhammer-Poltergeist site
This site is the home of the Salkalten sourcebook and other WFRP projects.

Gildia Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay site
This site covers Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for the Polish fans of second edition.

Sites where I have been interviewed:

Altdorfer Correspondent
There are a number of interviews on this page and mine is near the bottom. This is my first interview.

Small but Vicious Special 2
This was my first Podcast interview, but... sadly... I do not have permission to access this site. In any event, it was my first time doing any podcast and it showed.

This is my most recent "Gaming Industry" bio, which is in French.

Favorite WFB site:

Citadel's Stuff of Legends
This is the place for those of us who have collected Citadel/GW miniatures since the late 80s. Many of the background stories of the old Regiments of Renown can be found here, as well as pictures of the old miniatures.

RPG Cartography sites

Kosmic Dungeon site
This site offers a number of fantasy maps for different environments such as caverns, towns, dungeons, floor plans, etc. One could also order a custom-made map.

For anyone in the London area looking for a FRP club to join:

Shadow Warriors
Before his departure from London, this was the club where Tim Eccles hosted the famous TimCon for WFRP..