Warhammer Battle

I don't typically do much on Warhammer Battle, but the sixth edition inspired me to update some WFB2 and WFB3 elements to the new edition. Eventually, I will convert these to pdf.


Army Lists

Fimir Army
There is probably no non-Chaotic army more evil than the Fimir. Not even the Dark Elves (at least, in my opinion). Fimir are actually better suited to WFRP, but this army list should help GMs who incorporate WFB mechanics whenever their players face relatively larger warbands in battle.

Slann Army
Now that I have a completely painted WFB3 Slann army, this is my attempt to make them a viable WFB6 army.

Regiments of Renown

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers
Combining elements of both WFB2 and WFB4 Bugman's Rangers and update to new rules. Includes special rules for the Beer Cart.

Prince Ulther's Dragon Company
Another favorite WFB2 warband. Prince Ulther's forces offer something a little different than the standard Dwarf regiment.

Prince Ulther's Dragon Company, WFB3 version
In a conversation with Steven Hudson, another WFB3 enthusiast, it became apparent that there wasn't a WFB3 version of this Regiment of Renown. So, this is the 3rd edition version from my WFB6 take.

Brokk's Castle Buster
Another regiment that isn't the run-of-the-mill Dwarf unit. This write-up includes rules for the use of Sappers (specially those of the Dwarfen variety) in WFB6.