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[Photo of MadAlfred near Avebury 11/2000]

Personal Stuff

Alfred Nuñez Jr.
Reside: California, USA
Hair: Thinning Black with increasing Gray
Eyes: Brown
Height: almost (but not quite) 6 foot even or 1.82 metres
Weight: somewhere between 235-240 pounds (107-109 kg) depending if I'm laying off the chocolates.
Birth Date: 5 January 1957
Hobbies: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition, Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition, Warhammer 40K, Citadel miniatures (I have 4500+), reading history books (chiefly ancient civilizations, English history, American Indian history), bicycling, walking, visiting Iron Age, Roman and Saxon ruins in the United Kingdom, visiting Denmark and Austria, gardening, Vertebrate Paleontology, Anthropology (Human Evolution).
Wife: Annette
Snotlings: Michael (born 1994) and Stephan (born 1996)

Updated 25 May 2021


The Early Years of Role-Playing

Role-Playing life began in 1980 with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It was less than a year after I graduated from UCLA. After two sessions of playing, I became a GM. In Oct 1981, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from Los Angeles. I left the AD&D session that was run by Anthony Ragan. In 1983, I joined a new group of players.

The Switch to WFRP

In 1987, Anthony Ragan introduced me to a new game called Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay (WFRP). The year earlier (1986) I had begun a massive program of buying Citadel miniatures. To complete the cycle, I corrupted my group into switching from AD&D to WFRP. We've never looked back since.

The Enemy Within

From 1988 through 1992, I GM'd the Enemy Within campaign. My players survived the entire series from Mistaken Identity -> Shadows over Bogenhafen -> Death on the Reik -> Power behind the Throne -> Something Rotten in Kislev -> Empire in Flames. During this time, I also became a play-tester (through Anthony Ragan) for Ken Rolston's Realms of Sorcery (RoS) and Realms of Divine Magic (RoDM) manuscripts. These two works were later killed just as Games Workshop (GW) decided to no longer support WFRP.

The Dark Years

With WFRP dead in the water. I began developing my own stuff for WFRP. In addition, one of my players took over the reins of GM and I got to play my first WFRP character. He was a rather sassy halfling rat catcher named Max Brandywine. This gave me the time to write. In January 1994 I joined the WFRP mailing list and my conversion was complete. During this time I further corrupted my players and introduced them to Warhammer Fantasy Battle. One even played Warhammer 40,000 with me.

Hogshead Years

In 1997, I took over the reins of GM again and my players picked up with their old characters again. We are currently playing in the post TEW Empire circa 2520. That was also the year I began to slave away in the Hogshead booth at GenCon. Hogshead had resurrected WFRP by licensing the rights of the game from GW.

During these years, my involvement with WFRP has grew. Unfortunately, my two Snotlings have prevented me from playing WFB or WH40K, but not WFRP.

My WFRP writing career began with an article published first in the US and then Italy. From there things grew. My proposal to write the WFRP sourcebook for Dwarfs was accepted by Hogshead. From there, I wrote articles for Warpstone, Strike-to-Stun, and Le Grimoire.

While the Dwarf book was in development, I worked with the editor of the Realms of Sorcery tome to add and revise portions of the chapters on Dwarf runic magic as well as Greenskin magic. In addition, I wrote a number of convention scenarios for WFRP, and provided technical assistance to Hogshead on other WFRP projects.

[Cover of Realms of Sorcery book]

In 2002, the Dwarf book was finally published and became the last printed WFRP product produced by Hogshead Publishing. The Dwarf book was a very limited run (only 2000 copies, I believe).

[Cover of Dwarfs Stone and Steel book]

During this time, I began a correspondence with Tuomas Pirinen and provided some assistance to the development of GW's Mordheim game.

Years of the Fanzines

On 30 November 2002, Hogshead closed its doors and returned the WFRP license back to Games Workshop. Until GW decided what it wanteds to so with WFRP, the burden of keeping the game alive fell chiefly to the three fanzines: Warpstone, Strike to Stun, and the Origin of Tree Worship. Le Grimoire remains a magazine for the French-speaking WFRP fans and several lists (WFRP mailing list and Critical Hit) remain in operation for fans to communicate their views and ideas.

Black Industries/Green Ronin Years

Black Industries, a division of Games Workshop, and Green Ronin will be releasing WFRP, 2nd edition, in March 2005. My only involvement has been to write the short scenario, "Pretty Things," which appeared in the WFRP GM Pack. So, I focussed on writing "unofficial" material for the new version as well as 1st edition.

[Cover of Gamemaster's Pack booklet]

Fantasy Flight Years

With the dissolution of Black Industries, Games Workshop looked for another company to take the reigns of Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay along with other GW roleplaying games. Fantasy Flight was awarded the contract in 2008 and released WFRP, 3rd edition in 2009. I'm not terribly keen on this new version, so I decided to rededicate myslf solely to writing "unofficial" material for the 1st edition game. 3rd edition came to an end in August 2014.

On My Own

Origin of Tree Worship discontinued publishing during the Black Industries year and Warpstone finally ceased operations. While still writing unofficial WFRP 1st edition material in the latter Fantasy Flight years, I wrote a scenario using the Trail of Cthulhu (Gumshoe) system.and two adventures for the Zeppelin Age game. Nothing came of these efforts, so all three slowly being converted to the Call of Cthulhu (BRP) system. Not sure when these will be completed.

In 2015, Games Workshop blew up the Warhammer World, which ushered in the Age of Sigmar and the nine realms (not to be confused with those from Norse Mythology) and pretty much ended any chance that a 4th edition of WFRP would ever see the light of day.

My group still plays 1st edition WFRP, which requires me to write new material. Several works are in the pipelne, but my free time to type has been drastically cut down in March 2013 when my daily commute of forty minutes (one way) was cut to five minutes by car to work. From February 2015, my commute became even shorter when I started to work from home. Even then, I could not find the time to write other than infrequently. At the end of 2015, I was laid off from work after 36 years 5.5 months. One would think I have all the free time in the world, but alas the demands of the real world continue to intrude on my time.

I have not yet given up on doing more work for 1st edition WFRP...

Cublicle 7 Years

By all accounts, 4th edition WFRP is doing very well. Besides the rule book, the most anticipated offering is the Director's Cut of The Enemy Within campaign penned by one of the original creators, Graeme Davis. 4th edition WFRP is set to the same time period of the original game and Graeme's effort has greatly expand the background information. Currently headed by Dave Allen and Padraig Murphy, the WFRP team at Cubicle Seven has also published a Starter Set to help new GMs and players to the game, its mechanics, and setting. There have also been a large amount of offerings coming out since 2019. I have contributed some work to four of these products: Archives of the Empire: volume one, Altdorf: Crown of the Empire, Sea of Claws, and Lustria.

Over the Years in Pictures

[Photo of MadAlfred in London phone booth 11/2000] MadAlfred in a red London phone booth, November 2000

[Photo of MadAlfred in Clifford Tower, York, 11/2002] MadAlfred descending a staircase at Clifford Tower, York, November 2002

[Photo of MadAlfred in Durnstein, Austria, March 2008] MadAlfred overlooking the River Danube from the ruins of Durnstein, Austria, March 2008

[Photo of MadAlfred in a Gladiator headgear in the Roman ruins of Carnuntum, Austria, March,2008] Who is the masked clown getting his picture taken by the Server Goddesss?

[Photo of MadAlfred making a snowball in London, April 2008] MadAlfred readying a snowball in John Foody's backyard, April 2008

[Photo of MadAlfred as Old West sheriff in Pleasanton, July 2013] MadAlfred posing as an Old West sheriff at the Alameda County Fair 2013